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This project contains code samples that can be used to power web applications running on Microsoft.NET, IIS and Windows. For the large part the code is in C#.

My first submission. This is a Windows service with installer that when used with the test site code, allows for AJAX+COMET communication. It is written in C#. Essentially the web page has Javascript that opens a connection with the Windows Service, which holds the connection until it receives a message from the Windows message queue. It then sends the message over the connection back to the JavaScript page which displays it without posting back the page. The page then reopens a new long hanging connection. Note you must have Windows Message Queue installed and a public queue created to send messages to the web page. For this to happen your computer must be part of active directory. Also, in the ShowComet.aspx page, the Javascript has a hardcoded URL to the COMET server. You must use the machine's name in the URL.

This project is based on the cometbox project in (, so the only thing I really did was put it into a Windows service, created a thread to manage the message queue, and create the ASP.NET pages that use JavaScript to communicate with the COMET service.

August 5, 2012: I've updated my Comet service to run within a workgroup/standalone computer so you won't need an Active Directory setup to get the MS Message Queue part working properly. Also, I converted the client to jQuery and I added in a proxy page CometProxy.aspx to get around the CORS problem.

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